Why Goat Simulator is amazing and needs to come to Mac.

1922512_254799221356604_1796840655_nIf you haven’t heard about Goat Simulator then I highly suggest jumping on the Googlebook and giving it a YouSpace because it might just be the most ridiculous and simultaneously entertaining game to date. I have spoken about how a game that provides pure joy and entertainment is equally good, if not better than a game that takes you on an emotional journey like say, The Last Of Us. I say this only because video games are meant to entertain and Goat Simulator definitely entertains. But as much as I love gritty, intricate stories with complex characters and amazing game mechanics, I can’t help but find myself wanting to play Goat Simulator more than I want to play The Last Of Us or even Titanfall, which is saying something for me because I love story driven games and shooters.

1558544_272462102923649_2447503008104141424_nThis is without a doubt the most broken and ridiculous game I have ever played on PC, which is surprisingly part of it’s charm. Bugs, glitches, dodgey physics, questionable animations and downright weird head movements while climbing a ladder are in full force here and it is awesome! I can’t quite explain why it’s so entertaining to play such a random and bug ridden game, you’ll have to play for yourself I guess!

10173586_272459546257238_8860188963523284010_nI’ve said this before and I will probably say it til’ the day I die but Mac’s are better. At least for someone like me who writes, edits movies, songs, photos and all that other hipster crap that Apple makes stereotypes of in their commercials that are actually kind of accurate. The one downfall of the Mac is the gaming support, or lack thereof. My Mac is quite good and could easily handle a game like this but it’s only available on PC! Why should I suffer the torment of watching everyone else rain goats as a demon goat or flop around as a whale just because I prefer Mac!? I shouldn’t and one thing that this game would benefit from immensely is being available on Mac! I heard whispers of it coming to Mac but it’s been out for months now and it’s still not available. I even went all out and bought it on my girlfriends PC just so I could play it!

In any case if you have a PC, buy it right now! If you have a Mac, hold your breath and count to Goat because I have a feeling it will still be a little while off unfortunately.

What do you think of Goat Simulator? GOTY Simulator perhaps? Or just another Flappy Bird, 15 minutes of fame then the world forgets?

Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @pikalew


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