About us

Come with us now on a journey through time and space to the world of Super Feel Good Games. With Pikalew your Pilot and MasterKitty343 his Navigator, we will traverse the universe of games; setting foot on foreign worlds and battling the unknown enemies that inhabit them. Join our adventures and take part in the nonsense as we discuss everything and anything to do with gaming.


MasterKitty343 is an aspiring gaming commentator and developer. Her articles will most likely consist of rants about women in gaming, reviews about old games that she’s never played before, and psychological/philosophical musings. She can be found on all social media under the same name. Her favourite types of games are anything with a decent storyline, FPS and basically anything Nintendo.


Pikalew is a jack of all trades. Having dabbled in business, video making and many other fields, he is currently trying to become a journalist. His posts will most likely consist of reviews, tips and observations of the current state of gaming. He can be found on most social networks under the same name, but he has many tumblr accounts for you to peruse. His favourite types of games are racing games, FPS and anything that makes him laugh.



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